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each one of our salsas and dressings
are proud products of Morelos


We are a Mexican business that originated in Morelos starting July 1st 2015 in the city of Cuernavaca. Currently we are selling our products in different states across the republic, in which they have opened their doors in a satisfying manner.

To this day we have a Cilantro Dressing and two salsa: Habanero and Tamarindo. The latter being our star product for its great versatility in being able to be combined with food and drinks.

This amazing professional experience along with the commitment to offer our clients foods that satisfy your taste buds, has earned us your trust day to day.

Our family of products is made and designed for each one of your necessities

Biani Products


All of our experience in flavor


Salsa Tamarindo

Made from the pulp of tamarindo with chile chipotle, sugar, and natural conservative


Salsa Habanero

Product made with chile habanero and herbs with oil, salt and natural conservative


Aderezo de Cilantro

Product made from cilantro with herbs, eggs, oil, salt, and natural conservative.



Find the best ideas to combine our delicious flavors

Rollitos de carne en
salsa tamarindo

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Tacos de camaron con
aderezo de cilantro

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